White-bellied Sea-eagle just before fledging

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Jeremiah Loei’s video clip of the White-bellied Sea-eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) was recorded at Singapore’s Fort Canning Park (above). The two chicks can be seen moving around the nest, either feeding or rearranging the twigs in the nest. They are also seen exercising their wings, a sign that they are about to fledge (below).

The nest is just a platform of sticks lined with leaves and grass, etc. and placed among the branches of trees. It is sometimes found on cliffs or even on the ground, especially in offshore islands where there is less chances of being disturbed.

Usually two eggs (sometimes even three) are laid. They are incubated for about 40 days before hatching. The chicks take about 65-70 days to fledge, as seen here. The juvenile plumage as shown above is different from that of the adult LINK.

The image above shows an adult arriving with a fish for the chicks.

Jeremiah Loei
May 2013

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