Spotted Dove feeding on crepe ginger seeds

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Lena Chow submitted a video and images of a Spotted Dove (Streptopelia chinensis) perching on top of the inflorescence of a ginger plant. In the absence of the large white flowers (left), she was unable to recognise the plant.

However, Jana SKORNICKOVA of the National Parks Board identified the plant as the crepe ginger (Cheilocostus speciosus, also known as Costus speciosus). We thank Chew Ping Ting, also of NParks, who was kind enough to pass around the images to various staff members for an identification.

According to Jana, the Spotted Doves are always around the crepe ginger plants in the Ginger Garden of the Singapore Botanical Gardens LINK eating the seeds (below).

Lena Chow, Jana SKORNICKOVA & Chew Ping Ting
May 2013

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