Red Junglefowl Third Brood

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Continuing the stories on the Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) in my condo… latest post can be seen HERE.

Part 1

“A few months back the estate manager found a clutch of 7 eggs in a bush. Later on he found 4 chicks which was reduced to 2, as I discovered from my bedroom window in this video, recorded in the afternoon on 28th Oct 2012, when the 2 chicks were seen foraging together with the mother hen.

“It appeared that the hen didn’t care much about the close proximity of the chicks when she raked the ground in search of food. At times the action was so strong that one of the chicks got pushed away but no harm was apparent.

Part 2

“Five days after I saw the family with the 2 chicks from my bedroom window (3rd Nov 2012), they were seen again. This time enjoying the scattered cooked rice in the lawn of a town house owner. Even then, the hen remained alert to make sure that there was no danger lurking around.

Part 3

“By 30th Dec 2012, the chicks appeared to be reaching maturity. They have left the care of the parents and were foraging independently on their own. In the video, they were seen feeding on the tiny grass flowers/seeds (best enjoyed when viewed in full screen) [goose grass or Paspalum conjugatum].”

“The Red Junglefowl is listed as ‘Endangered’ in the Red List of threatened animals of Singapore. It is encouraging to note that it has adapted to the habitat here with little ground cover well and thriving.”

Sun Chong Hong
12th March 2013

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