Black-naped Oriole Collects Nesting Material from Epipremnum pinnatum

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“I was reversing my car out of a parking lot this morning when I noticed a Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) flew into a Swiss Cheese Plant in front of me. I was not sure if it was Monstera deliciosa or another species in the same genus as the leaves did not have the usual holes from which the common name was derived.

Note: Angie Ng identified the plant as Epipremnum pinnatum or in Chinese known as Dragon’s Tail Plant “Loong Mei Chow”, a medicinal plant, native. Chong Hong noted that the leaves were regularly harvested, used to treat cancer.

“Orioles do not enjoy being observed. I therefor stopped and remained in the car to watch, with my camera on video mode shooting through the windscreen. Despite the bird not being in clear view most of the time, it was evident on subsequent review that it was collecting the long fibre material from leaf stalks and stems of the plant for its nest.

“Without the video record, I would have missed the minute details.”

Sun Chong Hong
March 2013

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