Golden-backed Weaver: Stages of moulting

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The Golden-backed Weaver (Ploceus jacksoni) is an African exotic, commonly encountered in Singapore’s grassy areas LINK.

Lim Sheau Torng‘s images of this weaver were taken on 22nd February 2013. They provide an interesting study of moulting by both sexes. The image above shows clearly the breeding male with his entire head to nape and throat black, yellow mantle and chestnut brown breast. The bird on his left appears to be a female while that on his right is slowly taking on a male breeding plumage.

The images above and below exhibit varying stages of moulting that can keep a birdwatcher puzzled. Any guesses as to the sexes? And comments?

Lim Sheau Torng
March 2013

  1. Zhenxi

    Both males. I think looking at the feather above the legs, only males will get fully yellow feathers.

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