Black-naped Oriole stole an egg

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“I was in the usual morning round this morning in my condo when I saw a Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) charging at me from about 10-15 m. away, at an estimated height of 1m. Was I under attack? That was my immediate thought. I have been attacked by crows before – with no injury luckily. But oriole attacking people? I have never experienced it and have never heard of it. Then it crossed my mind that perhaps this was a bird in courtship. This is when they are quite oblivious to my presence. However, all was quiet and no courtship songs were heard.

“Meanwhile, it continued its flight directly towards me while I remained stationary. Just as it was about to collide into me, it gracefully turned slightly and moved away. At the same time I heard a crashing sound. I looked at the footpath in front of me and found a broken egg (above). It was a white egg with some brown spots, about the same size as the white or pale blue egg (shells) that I have come across once in a while. The body, neck and head of the foetus already could be identified.

“The oriole stole an egg. But everything happened so quickly that I didn’t see how the oriole carried the egg.”

Sun Chong Hong
3rd February 2013


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