Red-capped Plover and its broken-wing display

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“We chose a wild day to head out from Perth to Rottnest Island (above). I have never seen such high waves in a ferry – the waveline reached up to the top of the windows of our boat, and we literally jumped out of our seats at least a dozen times as the ferry slammed down after breaching a wave, and this even as we sat near the back of the boat where it was most stable. While others reached for their barf bags, I actually rather enjoyed the ride!

“Just when I thought handheld photo/videography doesn’t get worse than on a moving boat, I found myself battling gale-force winds which almost lifted me off my feet while trying to film this Red-capped Plover (Charadrius ruficapillus) putting on a ‘broken-wing’ display to protect its nest – video above.

“The eggs that mama plover was protecting [are shown above].”

Lena Chow
15th November 2012


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