Pied Triller – nest building

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“I was at a paediatric head of departments meeting down south at a hotel with good grounds, lots of trees. Two of my colleagues asked me to introduce them to bird watching, with a view to get their children out of the house. We only had the late evenings to watch but they were very fortunate and we saw close to 20 species and 4 different nesting birds.

“I had spotted this pair of Pied Trillers (Lalage nigra striga) nesting the day before and we watched from some distance, using my camera images to offer close ups, to limit disturbance. The nest was 4 meters up (left). [Above shows] a close up of the nest in progress. Note the use of soft padding, possibly Ceiba pentandra (Kapok tree ‘cotton’).

[The images above] show the progress of the nest over 24 hours and [those below] a comparison of the two breeding adults, [of which, on the right is] a breeding female adult with nesting material. Both adults were involved in nest building.

“Disclosure: Total nest watching time for two days was less that 10 minutes.”

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Port Disckson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Habitat: Urban hotel environment near the beach
18-19th June 2012

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