Purple Heron – Comfort Behaviour

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“The migratory winter visitors are back in Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park. The Little Egret, in white, is the most easily spotted among the visitors. I was looking at one in the distant through my camera viewfinder, when a Purple Heron was seen moving across the bank to higher ground in its slow and deliberate steps.

“Having spotted the heron, I moved closer to have a better view. It is the nature of herons to remain in frozen posture for long periods. However, if you have the patience to watch, you may be richly rewarded, as I have found.

“It stirred from its slumber, changed its position then stooped down to do the usual thing. It then raised the feathers as if airing the body. After a few seconds, it shook the body violently as if it was trying to toss out all the parasites. It then moved off quickly to the water edge for a few sips of water (not shown).

“Above is the video, edited from a clip recorded on 30th October 2012 at about 8.30 am.”

Sun Chong Hong
3rd December 2012

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