Plant-Bird relationship: 16. Addendum – Plasticaceae

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All the plant families have now been dealt with in a total of 15 posts, the links of which are as follows: 1. Need for a Catalogue LINK; 2. Moraceae LINK; 3. Euphorbiaceae LINK; 4. Poaceae LINK; 5. Fabaceae LINK; 6. Palmae LINK; 7. Loranthaceae LINK; 8. Meliaceae LINK; 9. Myrtaceae LINK, 10. Anacardiaceae, Annonaceae and Apocynaceae LINK; 11. Non-flowering plants LINK; 12. Agavaceae, Amaranthaceae, Araceae, Araliaceae and Avicenniaceae LINK; 13. Bignoniaceae, Bombacaceae Bromeliaceae, Caricaceae, Casuarinaceae and Combretaceae LINK; 14. Miscellaneous families of trees and shrubs LINK and 15. Miscellaneous herbs and their families LINK.

This post is an addendum to the series. For convenience, the list is divided into two parts: unusual nesting materials and unusual nesting sites. Details of the different species of birds under each heading are as follows:
1. Common name of bird.
2. Detail of material.
3. Author of the post.
4. Date of posting
5. Habitat if in Singapore, otherwise reporting country.
6. Link to the actual post on the website.

Plasticaceae is a family of “plants” with only a handful of genera first described in the 1960s. Metallicus johorensis was first discovered growing along the coastal fringe of Johor in Peninsular Malaysia. Years later, Cocos lucifera was reported growing in urban Selangor (above left). M. johorensis is closely related to the Hongkong’s M. hongkorensis, another urban species growing along the wayside (above right). In the Philippines, there is Dendro-iloilo condomensis that flowers mainly during the Christmas season of December (above centre). Unfortunately, many of the Metallicus spp. were subsequently attacked by the rust fungus Puccinia sp. that first appeared in mid-1990s, killing most of these trees.

Nesting Materials
Yellow-vented Bulbul: toilet-paper_LenaChow_210210_urban-Singapore – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: tissue-paper_LenaChow_200310_balcony – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: plastic-bag_LenaChow_261012_urban-garden – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: styrofoam_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_180808_Johor-Malaysia – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: styrofoam_AmarSingh_210210_Perak-Malaysia – LINK
House Crow: wire_YCWee_290307_urban-home – LINK
Crow: clothes-hangers_SunChongHong_280612_Bishan-Singapore – LINK
House Crow: clothes-hanger_”straycat”__290507_??? Japan – LINK
House Crow: grass-cutter-plastic-strips_TangHungBun_290507_roadisde – LINK
Jungle Crow: coat-hangers_“badaunt”_290507_Japan – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: blue-synthetic-fibre_JeanHo_110510_balcony – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: cotton-wool_JudyQuah_310511_apartment – LINK
Common Tailorbird: cloth_DavidTanJianXiong_280712_urban – LINK
Carolina Wren: hanging-flower-pot_PingLau_030607_stairwell_Washington-USA – LINK

Nesting Sites
Yellow-vented Bulbul: plastic-plant_LenaChow_130407_private-garden – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: rattan-basket_JeanHo-friend_130411_home – LINK
White-bellied Fish-eagle: communication-tower_SamsonTan_300509_rural – LINK
White-bellied Fish-eagle: transmission-tower_WilliamIp_110211_rural – LINK
Oriental Pied Hornbill: earthern-pot_LimChiaYing_070310_Selangor-Malaysia – LINK
Oriental Magpie-robin: mailbox_AmarSingh_050711_Perak-Malaysia – LINK
Common Myna: box-roadside-powerline_AmarSingh_230912_Perak-Malaysia – LINK
Sunbird: dangling-wire_RobertBreinl_151110_home – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: LimTingHan: underwear_LimTingHan_170312_backyard – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: bicycle_KwongWaiChong_260811_balcony – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: light-bulb_AmarSingh_260811_Perak-Malaysia – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: wind-chime_JeanHo_110510_balcony – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: clothes-line_Tingfang_170506_hostel – LINK

YC Wee
December 2012


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