Plant-Bird Relationship: 8. Meliaceae

The earlier series: 1. Need for a Catalogue LINK; 2. Moraceae LINK; 3. Euphorbiaceae LINK, 4. Poaceae LINK, 5. Fabaceae LINK, 6. Palmae LINK and 7. Loranthaceae LINK.

Members of the plant family Meliaceae are either shrubs or trees. The leaves are pinnate compound and the flowers are bisexual and in an inflorescence. The petals are in three to six, usually five.

In the following list, the different species of birds that visit the plant are listed below each plant species. Details are as follows:
1. Common name of bird.
2. Whether for food, to forage for insects, to roost, to collect nesting material or to nest.
3. Author of the post.
4. Date of posting
5. Habitat if in Singapore (BTNR = Bukit Timah Nature Reserve), otherwise country.
6. Link to the actual post on the website.

[l-r: Azdirachta indica fruits, Swietenia macrophylla fruits and Lansium domesticum fruits.]

1. Aglaia spectabilis
Hornbill: fruit_Hornbill-Research-Foundation_Jan-08_Thailand – LINK

2. Aphanamixis polystachys? (pasak lingga)
Pink-necked Green Pigeon: nesting_GloriaSeow_030706_roadside – LINK

3. Azdirachta indica (neem)
Lineated Barbet: fruit_AmarSingh_291009_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_291009_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_250611_Ipoh-Perak-Malaysia – LINK
Pink-necked Green-pigeon: fruit_AmarSingh_291009_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Asian Koel: fruit_AmarSingh_291009_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Common Myna: fruit_AmarSingh_291009_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Black-naped Oriole: fruit_AmarSingh_291009_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Black-naped Oriole: fruit_AmarSingh_110911_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Brown-throated Sunbird: insects_AmarSingh_191209_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Asian Glossy Starling: fruit_AmarSingh_291009_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
4. Chisocheton sp.
Hornbill: fruit_Hornbill-Research-Foundation_Jan-08_Thailand – LINK

5. Dysoxylon sp.
Hornbill: fruit_Hornbill-Research-Foundation_Jan-08_Thailand – LINK

6. Lansium domesticum sp.
Blue-crowned Hanging-parrot: forage_DaisyO’Neill_230512_Malaysia LINK

7. Swietenia macrophylla (West Indian mahogany)
Red-Breasted Parakeets: seed_KCTsang_270211_ roadside – LINK
Rose-ringed Parakeets: seed_KCTsang_270211_ roadside – LINK

YC Wee
October 2012

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