Tanimbar Corellas fighting over Passiflora laurifolia fruit

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“This is a very belated observation of a flock of Tanimbar Corellas (Cacatua goffini) spotted on 23rd January 2012 along Kent Ridge Road just in front of the KE VII Hall carpark fighting over [an unripe] fruit of Passiflora laurifolia, (not sure about the ID of the Passiflora, but it looks like a laurifolia).

“From what I recall, one individual seemed to be monopolising the fruit for itself and one other bird kept trying to edge closer to steal bites from the fruit or snatch the fruit away. There was one instance (above) of the dominant bird passing some food to the other bird, possibly suggesting that they might be in a parent/child relationship [or a couple?]. The rest of the corella flock was more or less minding their own business making a lot of noise.

“After a while, the dominant corella flew off to another tree alone to finish eating the Passiflora fruit.”

David Tan Jian Xiong
6th October 2012

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