Plant-Bird Relationship: 4. Poaceae

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The earlier series: 1. Need for a Catalogue LINK; 2. Moraceae LINK; and 3. Euphorbiaceae LINK.

Poaceae, also known as Gramineae, is a family of grasses and bamboos. Grasses are mainly herbs while bamboos are woody. Members of the family are easily recognised by their long and narrow, simple leaves with parallel veins. The leaves have an elongated sheath that wraps round the stem. The flowers are small and instead of prominent petals and sepals, they have inconspicuous scale-like structures that enclose the sexual parts. The fruits are typically one-seeded.

In the following list, the different species of birds that visit the plant are listed below each plant species. Details are as follows:
1. Common name of bird.
2. Whether for food, to forage for insects, to roost, to collect nesting material or to nest.
3. Author of the post.
4. Date of posting
5. Habitat if in Singapore (BTNR = Bukit Timah Nature Reserve), otherwise country.
6. Link to the post on the website.

1. Axonopus compressus (carpet grass)
Scaly-breasted Munias: fruit_YCWee_061007_urban-garden – LINK
Scaly-breasted Munia: fruit_YCWee_100210_urban – LINK

2. Bamboos
Banded Broadbill: nesting-material-leaves_IrfanChoo_121207_Malacca-Malaysia –
Black and Red Broadbill: nesting_DaisyO’Neill_230812_Malaysia – LINK
Yellow-vented Bulbul: nest-material-leaves_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_270608_Johor-Malaysia – LINK
Munia: nest_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_180408_Johor-Malaysia – LINK
Java Sparrow: fruit_AmarSingh_220312_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

3. Chrysopogon aciculatus (love grass)
Black-headed Munias: fruit_AmarSingh_170611_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Common Tailorbird: nest-material_AmarSingh_260612_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

4. Cynodon dactylon (Bermuda grass)
Scaly-breasted Munias: fruit_YCWee_061007_urban-garden – LINK

5. Digitaria sp. (crab grass)
White-headed Munia: fruit_YangWeixing_230509_Bintan-Indonesia – LINK

6. Echinochloa colonum (jungle rice or padi burong)
Chestnut Munia: fruit_ChrisLee_210509_rural – LINK

7. Eleusine indica
Scaly-breasted Munias: fruit_YCWee_061007_urban-garden – LINK

8. Eragrostis sp.
Scaly-breasted Munias: nest-material_AmarSingh-240510-Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

9. Gigantochloa scortechinii (giant bamboo)
Pin-tailed Parrotfinch: fruit_AmarSingh_160909_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK.

10. Imperata cylindrica (lalang)
Zitting Cisticola: nest-material-plant_AmarSigh_250710_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Munia: nest-material_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_070608_Johor-Malaysia – LINK
Scaly-breasted Munia: nest-material-floss_AmarSingh_240510_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Olive-backed Sunbird: nest-material-floss_YCWee_010507_urban – LINK
Common Tailorbird: nest-material-fruits_YCWee_180608_urban-garden – LINK
Dark-necked Tailorbird: nest-material-fruits_LinYangchen_090608_urban – LINK
Baya Weaver: nest-material-fruits_YCWee-TanTeoSeng_220708_Johor-Malaysia – LINK

11. Ischaemum sp. (centipede grass)
Chestnut Munia: fruit_WilsonChong_100509_Brunei – LINK

12. Oryza sativa (padi)
White-rumped Munia: fruit_JWee_230509_Malaysia – LINK

13. Panicum spp. (panic grass)
Chestnut Munia: fruit_LenaChow_210509_rural – LINK
Scaly-breasted Munias: fruit_YCWee_061007_urban-garden LINK

14. Panicum humidorum
Munia: nest-material_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_070608_Johor-Malaysia – LINK

15. Panicum maximum (Guinea grass)
White-headed Munia: fruit_HowardBanwell_180709_rural – LINK
Baya Weavers: nesting-material_YCWee-KCTsang_220506_rural – LINK

16. Panicum repens (creeping panic grass)
Munia: nest-material_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_070608_Johor-Malaysia – LINK

17. Paspalum conjugatum (goose grass)
Black-headed Munias: fruit_Wells 2007
Chestnut Munia: fruit_ChrisLee_070509_rural – LINK

18. Paspalum conjugatum (buffalo grass)
Munia: nest-material_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_070608_Johor-Malaysia – LINK
White-headed Munia: fruit_AmarSingh_141211_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

19. Paspalum scrobiculatum (kodo grass)
Chestnut Munia: fruit_ChrisLee_070509_rural – LINK
Scaly-breasted Munias: fruit_YCWee_061007_urban-garden – LINK

20. Pennisetum sp. (pennisetum)
Chestnut Munia: fruit_ChrisLee_070509_rural – LINK
Chestnut Munia: fruit_LenaChow_200412_rural – LINK
Scaly-breasted Munia: fruit_RichardLim_230509_Bintan-Indonesia – LINK
White-headed Munia: fruit_LenaChow_200412_rural – LINK

21. Pennisetum polystachion (feathery pennisetum)
Baya Weaver: fruit_SeowBoonEu_180809_Malaysia – LINK

22. Pennisetum purpureum (elephant grass, napier grass)
Munia: nest-material_TanTeoSeng-YCWee_070608_Johor-Malaysia – LINK
Black-headed Munia: fruit_AmarSingh_170611 –Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Scaly-breasted Munia: fruit_AmarSingh_260310_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
White-headed Munia: fruit_AmarSingh_141211_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Baya weavers: fruit_SeowBoonEu_180809_Malaysia – LINK

23. Thysanolaena latifolia (tiger grass)
Scaly-breasted Munia: fruit_DaisyO’Neill_230509_Malaysia – LINK

24. Urochloa subquadripara (lesser bracharia)
Chestnut Munia: fruit_WilsonChong_100509_Brunei – LINK
Scaly-breasted Munia: fruit_HowardBanwell_230509_rural – LINK

YC Wee
October 2012

Images: Top panel by YC; middle panel by Daisy O’Neill (left) and Lena Chow (right); bottom panel by Seow Boon Eu.

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