Red Junglefowls In My Condo – More Observations

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“Five months after the sighting of a Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) hen with her chick in March 2012 link, the family – permanent residents in my condominium – has produced another brood. The above video was taken on 20th August 2012 at about 3.45 pm, from the balcony of my apartment overlooking the vacant land about 40 m away. It has been designated as the site of a future mass rapid transit underground station.

“The cleaning supervisor told me that he saw 4 chicks, while this video only shows 3. Subsequently a cat was seen stalking the family of a male with 2 hens near the swimming pool area. One of the hens appeared to be the chick that was seen 5 months ago. The 3 chicks have not been seen again since then. The cat could have eaten all of them.

“The family has been conditioned to being fed. The above video, recorded on 1st September at 6 pm shows them waiting expectantly for the owner of the townhouse to appear.

“The crow of this cock (above) has an extra syllable compared to the usual one that we are familiar with LINK and the one at the start of the first video in this LINK.

“I use this as the id for this cock.

“Video edited from clips of 20th August at 8.15 am and 29th July at 9.20 am.

“It was getting dark at 7 pm on 8th September when I saw the family of a male and 2 females flying into the Brown Heart tree (Andira inermis) in front of my apartment, to roost for the night. The cock was usually more approachable than the hens. As I got below the tree, clucks – sounding more like distress calls – were heard. In failing light and under cover, I was unable to see them. I could not tell whether the calls were made by one or both hens. It went on for more than five minutes (above).

“This video was made by extracting the sound track from the video clip recorded in the dark. The sound track was then played in Audacity Sound Editor and made as a movie with screen capture software CamStudio. The video visualises the sound waveform as it is being played.”

Sun Chong Hong
22nd October 2012

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