Plant-Bird Relationship: 3. Euphorbiaceae

on 4th October 2012

An earlier post dealt with the fig family of Moraceae LINK. The current post deals with the rubber family of Euphorbiaceae.

Euphorbiaceae is a large plant family of herbs, shrubs and trees. The tissues often contain white latex. Leaves are simple and alternately arranged along the stems. Flowers are usually small, unisexual, often with the male flowers borne in separate plants from those of the female flowers. Ripening fruits typically split open into three parts, each with one to two seeds – think of the rubber fruits.

1. Claoxylon indicum (jarak kayu: above left)
Javan Myna: fruit_StevenChong_240409_urban – LINK

2. Hura crepitans (sandbox tree: above right)
Coppersmith Barbet: nesting_AmarSingh_241209_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Pied fantail: nesting_AmarSingh_020611_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Brown-throated Sunbird: flowers_AmarSingh_130510_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

3. Macaranga spp.
Olive-winged Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_010210_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

4. Macaranga bancana (common mahang)
Brown Barbet: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Black-headed Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_140112_Malaysia – LINK
Black-headed Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_171109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Buff-vented Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Cream-vented Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_171109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Hairy-backed Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_171109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Red-eyed Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_141109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Spectacled Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Spectacled Bulbul: fruit_AmarSingh_141109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Asian Brown Flycatcher: fruit_AmarSungh_101109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Blue-and-white Flycatcher: fruit_AmarSingh_030112_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Rufous-chested Flycatchers: fruit_AmarSingh_030112_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Yellow-rumped Flycatcher: fruit_AmarSungh_101109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Blue-crowned Hanging-parrot: fruit_AmarSingh_231211_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Green Iora: fruit_AmarSungh_101109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Grey-breasted Spiderhunter: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Grey-breasted Spiderhunter: fruit_AmarSingh_211109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Little Spiderhunter: fruit_AmarSingh_211109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Spectacled Spiderhunter: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Yellow-eared Spiderhunter: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Plain Sunbird: nectar-fruit_AmarSingh_061109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Plain Sunbird: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Purple-naped Sunbitd: nectar-fruit_AmarSingh_061109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Purple-naped Sunbird: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Purple-naped Sunbird: fruit_AmarSingh_261211_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Red-throated Sunbird: nectar-fruit_AmarSingh_061109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Ruby-cheeked Sunbird: nectar-fruit_AmarSingh_061109_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Asian Glossy Starlings: fruit_AmarSingh_010210_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK
Everett’s White-eyes: fruit_AmarSingh_050810_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

5. Macaranga heynei (blue mahang)
Brown-throated Sunbird: fruit_MarcusNg_300709_rural – LINK
Plain Sunbird: fruit_AmarSingh_051209_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

6. Macaranga gigantean (giant mahang: above left)
Yellow-vented Bulbul: fruit_CheongWengChun-151211_Selangor-Malaysia – LINK
Orange-bellied Leafbird: fruit_AdrianLim_180109_Malaysia – LINK
Myna: fruit_CheongWengChun-151211_Selangor-Malaysia – LINK
Purple-backed Starlings: fruit_CheongWengChun-151211_Selangor-Malaysia – LINK
Pied Triller: fruit_CheongWengChun-151211_Selangor-Malaysia – LINK
Oriental White-eye: ?fruit_CheongWengChun-151211_Selangor-Malaysia – LINK

7. Manihot esculenta (tapioca, above right)
Crimson Sunbird: nectar_MikeKoh_110809_rural – LINK

8. Manihot glaziovii (wild tapioca)
Brown-throated Sunbird: nectar_AmarSingh_191209_Ipoh-Malaysia – LINK

YC Wee
October 2012

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