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“Lesser Whistling-Ducks (Dendrocygna javanica) belong to the family of Anatidae- spending much of their lives lazing in marshlands, lakes and at times mangrove swamp forests’ edge.

“A small thriving, resident population photographed in Peninsula Malaysia 2011, had this adult Anatine pair standing and basking under the December sun, unwary of my presence (above left).

“What was to be a routine documentary shot, played out to be more of an optical illusion of sorts on my computer screen as observation and imagination went into overdrive.

“Let’s not only observe what birds do but take in and frame the surroundings as well, be fascinated and enjoy how this pair of avian illusionists could take us for a ride, just standing wild in that correct posture, in that right location and time to enable that single opportunity rare shot.

“Have them take us on a journey of kaleidoscope imagery to challenge our visual and imaginative faculties, to discover for ourselves what is real, what is imagination, what is what ones to see and the many ways an object can be viewed and be interpreted in the eyes of the beholder.

“[The image above-right] of same photograph is sectioned to make each subject viewing more easily.

“What does one see?

“Perhaps, a quick look would suggest a bearded face with upright ears and outstretched arms in flying pose and supporting a Freemason’s looking triangular measurement.

“A blink of an eye, would have the bearded face turned a gorilla look?

“At the apex of the V, a fearsome, fiery dragon looking face with a broad wicked smile ready to apprehend readers?

“I see an outline of a big headed doll with short, black hair just above the bearded face. The same head appears to be also an opened mouth of an outlined animal-perhaps a monkey/hippopotamus?

“Those with more vivid imaginations will see quantum more.

“Those wanting to move upwards and dare to see more than more and be challenged, Image 3- ‘Totem Pole of Sages, Gods & Mythology’ reveals what nature has carved out to feast our eyes and minds in awe.

“Caution Advisory: Visualize, Imagine and Believe at own risks.

“To begin with, Image above-left appears to be a gem studded golden rocket. Taking off for Mars perhaps…..?

“A closer look will have one counting the number of Sages, Animals, Dynasty emperors, Mythological Gods, Terracotta warrior, Extra-Territorial, etc… all lined up each on top of another in a tunneled look.

“Rest assured, this totem rod was not a souvenir pick from the Grottoes of Dunghuang along the Silk Road where a wandering monk first set foot on.

“Interestingly, at the top end of this tunnel looking totem rod, a religious looking insignia of a cross is capped… perhaps to appease and meet the approval of those with tunnel vision?

“If all these images appear too gruesome or distasteful to some, let’s switch and attend a masquerade- let our Anatine pair caste their watery reflection and spread us a dainty mask to party with (above right).

“Now let’s get real and retreat to the original of all the images seen.

“Revealing here is but a pair of innocent Lesser Whistling Ducks Dendrocygna javanica rest-standing on decayed logs in a watery hole, enjoying small moments of peace and quiet that simplicity of living brings (left).

“Silent days when they were on non-talking terms or were they participating in a ‘no talk’ retreat therapy at The Ponds?

Note: This article was written inspired by Eu Meng’s Grey Heron with Chick/tumor LINK.

Avian Writer Daisy O’Neill
Copyright article and copy images:
Courtesy of Daisy O’Neill Bird Conservation Fund
13th September 2012

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