Hornbills at Lily Avenue, Singapore

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“Across the road from our house at Lily Avenue, there is a big African Tulip tree (Spathodea campanulate). Last year, for some unknown reasons, the leaves on one side of the tree started to drop off. Subsequently, we noticed many interesting birds coming to this tree; including some colourful woodpeckers and Oriental Pied Hornbills (Anthracoceros albirostris).

“Oftentimes, the hornbills would come as a pair. But last week, on 30th June 2012, I saw three of them on the same tree. These beautiful birds tend to come after a shower. They appeared to be trying to dry themselves by spreading their wings and preening their feathers.

“I have also seen them perched on a lamppost and my neighbour’s TV antenna. Once, I saw them ‘quarreling’ noisily with a crow that had built it’s nest among the leaves of an adjacent branch.”

Lam Chun See
6th July 2012

  1. Slow

    From the tail feathers Northern Oriental Pied Hornbill?
    Opposite the former Turf Club. Wonder if is the Seletar population spreading.

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