Laced Woodpecker foraging on the ground

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A 2010 post on the Laced woodpecker (Picus vittatus) foraging on the ground LINK alerted birdwatchers to this behaviour. This resulted in two other earlier documentations. And with this post, we have a total of four.

“A long while later, as I was stepping away from this vibrant (although confined) area, I saw this male Laced Woodpecker swooping downwards to the forest floor. There I spotted yet another Laced Woodpecker, this time, the female, to what seemed like, foraging on the ground. With very poor lighting because of the dense canopy, I could only tell that it was pecking away on fallen branches, not clear if there was any prey?”

Ong Ei Leen
Singapore, 8th April 2012

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  1. Prakash Garde

    This post reminds me of my own experience of a pair of Golden backed Woodpeckers foraging on the ground under a tree just out side the gate of the residence of the Police Commissioner at Nagpur, way back in the early nineteen eighties. I was passing on scooter and at my approach, the birds took to air immediately.

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