Pink-necked Green-pigeon building nest

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For about a week in mid-February 2012, a male Pink-necked Green-pigeon (Treron vernans) was seen flying regularly to my neighbour’s fig (Ficus sp.) tree, each time bringing a slender piece of twig (above). The pigeon would make a trip once every few minutes for the entire morning. The main source of his twigs was a terap (Artocarpus odoratissimus) tree in my garden where dead twigs of the vine Bauhinia kockiana abound LINK.

He spent less than a minute in the tree, apparently passing on the twig to the female who would construct the nest. Then he would peep out of the foliage and fly off to source for another twig (below left). It is well known that with the Pink-necked Green-pigeon the male collects nesting materials while the female builds the nest LINK.

Mostly the female was not seen except once when she took a break and flew from the tree (above right).

YC Wee
May 2012

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