Banded Kingfisher with Prey

“On our way out of Khao Yai, we came across a group of bird watchers looking at this female Banded Kingfisher (Lacedo pulchella) with prey clamped between her mandibles, so we decided to stop and see further what else is there to observe.

“The first victim was the lizard, after looking around to check if the coast was cleared she promptly flew to the nest hole, a nest that was dug into an abandoned ants’ nest made of mud, about 3 feet in height, 1.5feet in width, 10 feet above ground.

“The next victim was a cicada, the same routine was followed before the bird flew to the nest to feed its chicks.

“The ants’ nest was really non descriptive, no features, to talk about, just brown mud stuck to the tree trunk, so not wanting to stress the bird further we moved off.

“I believe that the Banded Kingfisher has got a much more variety of prey from centipedes, frogs, grasshoppers etc…”

KC Tsang
Khao Yai, Thailand
2nd April 2012

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