Crested Goshawk sighted with prey

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“We recently spotted the Crested Goshawk (Accipiter trivirgatus) (Saturday April 14, 2012 at around 5pm) on the driveway of Grange Residences at the corner of Tanglin Road and Grange Road (Old Marco Polo hotel site). We were driving towards it and it didn’t move. My husband thought it looked odd and thought that it was worried about its mate. On closer inspection it was standing on top of the other bird – killing it.

“We took a few photos as were just a few feet away and it remained on top of the bird whilst we were there for at least 5 minutes. Finally when the other bird was totally still the Goshawk grabbed it with its feet/talons and flew up into the trees.

“It was fascinating. So we contact our bird friend Jane Rogers who asked another friend to confirm the ID (Gim Cheong) and just came back to me saying it’s an adult Crested Goshawk – a good record for Singapore. The grey head, mesial streak and barred ‘drumsticks’ point to this species. As she mentioned the crest just blended in with the road pavings! Now I can see it too!”

“Jane suggested that I send the pictures for your bird blog.”

Lynn Hesketh
25th April 2012

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  1. Tou Jing Yi

    Crested Goshawk is capable of catching big prey like Spotted Dove, I have seen them attempting to catch squirrel once but it failed. I also spotted a dead roadkill of an adult male once with an injured Common Myna some where off its claw, suggesting that it is snatching the myna while it was killed by a fast driving car in the early morning. Poor pink-necked pigeon, I once found a dead corpse of this as well abandoned, not sure if that was also a kill of the Crested Goshawk that is sometimes regularly seen nearby.

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