Indian Peafowls on Sentosa

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“The Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) population on Sentosa is thriving. Here’s a peahen with 2 chicks – so it’s a breeding population (above). Does that mean we can consider them residents then?”

“I am familiar with a peacock’s “H-elp!” call, but this one at Sentosa greets you with a cheery “Hello” for a change… Maybe it got some training at the nearby Tourism Academy @ Sentosa.”

Lena Chow
25th March 2012

Note: Our bird specialist R. Subaraj had this to say in an earlier posting on the nesting of a captive Indian Peafowl LINK: “This species is on my Singapore checklist due to the free-ranging population on Sentosa fulfilling the three criteria for Introduced Species. On Sentosa, there are several records over the years of young chicks accompanying females.”

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