Streaked Weaver’s Nesting Colony

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“Having bunked in to Willy’s Safari Hotel, on the out skirt of Wasgomuwa National Park, Sri Lanka, we wandered off the the rice fields surrounding the hotel. The first thing that struck us was the noisy colony of Streaked Weavers (Ploceus manyar), they were located in an unused sector of the rice field that was overgrown with reeds, reeds that has very strong robust stems, and the nest was weaved to a few stems for support.

“The nest were all round in shape, with a short entrance, unlike the usual Bayer Weaver’s (P. philippinus) nest that has a long entrance hanging below tear drop shaped nest. The nest of the Streaked Weaver was all made about three feet off the ground unlike the Bayer Weaver’s which is at least five to ten feet off the ground. But it is with luck that the colony survived in Sri Lanka, which being a Buddhist country respects all manner of life, and life forms.

KC Tsang
10th March 2012
Wasgomuwa, Sri Lanka

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