A close encounter with a Brahminy Kite…

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On the morning of 12th January 2012, Allan Teo was at Singapore’s Bidadari, a wooded area that was formerly an old cemetery LINK. There, he had an exciting encounter with a a Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus). The raptor glided down from its perch, flying close past and nearly hitting him. It landing on the grassy ground where Allen managed to capture its image with a “Samsung phone. Point blank (above).”

The raptor was ringed, suggesting that it had probably escaped from the Jurong BirdPark. It did not appear to be sick. Soon, another large kite flew over and its took off. The same bird was later seen hovering above Allan’s head.

Jeet, a former JBP raptor trainer, confirmed that it was a fully mature adult, adding “Behaviour – body posture very calm. Believed to be imprinted, possibly trained. Somebody’s pet escaped…”

Allan Teo
January 2012

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