Asian Paradise Flycatcher takes a cicada

Samson Tan encountered an Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) on the 9th October 2011 when it just caught a cicada LINK.

The Asian Paradise Flycatcher is a common passage migrant and a rare winter visitor. Most visit around October, although a few can be seen most months of the year. It feeds mainly on flying insects. From a perch the bird swoops out to snatch a passing insect, returning back to the same or a different perch. There, it then proceeds to process the prey (above and below).

Samson reported that instead of swallowing the cicada whole, the flycatcher bashed it against the branch before biting off the head. It then tore off pieces, swallowing only the thorax and abdomen.

Samson Tan
October 2011

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