Oriental Pied Hornbills and the crow

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Peter CL Ng photographed the confrontation between the Oriental Pied Hornbills (Anthracoceros albirostris) and a crow at Potong Pasir, Singapore on the morning of 26th September 2011. The pair of hornbills were perching on a television antenna atop a block of Housing Development Board’s apartment (left). Perching a little distance away was a crow (below left).

Apparently the crow was the regular user of the antenna but this time there was a pair of intruding hornbills. Being outnumbered as well as outsized, the only thing it could do was watch helplessly. Soon the crow flew off to a nearby Civil Defense Siren where it perched at the top of the installation mast.

The pair of hornbills flew over to join the crow, perching on the loudspeakers below (above centre). But not for long. Withing less than ten seconds the male hornbill flew up and chased the crow away (above right).

Peter CL Ng
September 2011


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