Nesting of the Pied Fantail: 3. Brooding

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The first part of the series is on nest construction LINK. Egg incubation is covered in the second of the series LINK.

“We have been limiting our visits to the nest and much of our watching is from 3 meters. We watch intermittently throughout everyday as the nest and birds are so much part of our home right now.

“There has been no clear feeding behaviour on 24th May. So we suspect one egg hatched late 24th and the other early 25th.

“The photo (left) we are posting is from noon on 25th. We took them quickly when one parent was taking a break. While we taking it over <1 minute, one adult watched us from a nearby branch and did not look distressed. “Note that the chick on the left looks older that the one on the right. The chick on the right still has some light down on the whole body and is lighter (no flash used, did not want to disturb their sleep or righten them). The older chick on the left looks like some feathers have erupted, which is early (see DR Wells 2007).” Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS & Datin Dr Swee-Im Lim
Canning Garden Home, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
25th May 2011

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