Farting birds – food for thought

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“I was watching the 2009 BBC documentary “Life” on DVD last night, and I noticed something vaguely familiar while I was watching the segment on the Vogelkop Bowerbird LINK.

“From 4:47 onwards, and particularly at 5:05, notice that the feathers at the opening of the vent of the female bowerbird are splayed open in much the same way as the bird in the pic of the 30 June 2009 BESG post (“Do Birds Fart?”) LINK.

“So perhaps the myna in the BESG post was not farting, but was actually a female bird that was photographed preparing to mate with a nearby male? Or perhaps vent feathers are just stiff feathers which splay open when a bird bends over.

“Just food for thought…”

Lena Chow
18th August 2011

Note: Interesting theory, but is it possible that the vent also opens when the bird farts? What do readers think?

Image by Forest Ang.

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