Baiting Grey Heron for photography

“Just to share some observations of what one photographer did to the birds in Singapore.

“I visited Chinese Garden this morning in order to shoot some bird activities in the eary morning. I saw a Grey Heron (Ardea cinerea) perching on the small dam about 50 metres from me. It jumped over to the grassy area to pick up a big red fish. At the same time, I saw a man of about +60 years took out his camera and started shooting within 10 metres from the other side.

“The fish might be too big or tasted bad for the Grey Heron as it discarded it after a short while. The man went to the pond and tried to retrieve the dead fish. I wanted to walk over to talk to the man but he ran off with his gear as soon as he saw me. The dead fish was left in the pond.

“We should discourage fellow photographers from using foreign food to attract birds in public areas…”

William Ip
21st June 2011

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