Little Grebe feeding on fish

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“I think most bird photographers are aware that a couple of Little Grebes (Tachybaptus ruficollis) had settled down in Singapore Quarry for years. But these grebes used to play in the deep water and far away from the observation platform. I had been trying to get a close up picture for last few years without success. Even my 700mm tele-lens could not reach to get a clear shot.

“Last week, I was finally lucky. I was alone on the platform in Singapore Quarry one weekday afternoon. A pair of Little Grebes emerged from the grass on the right-hand side of the platform and moved to the centre of the pond just about 20 ft from my camera. One of the birds caught a small fish. It washed the fish, shook it dry, then rinsed it before aligning it with the head in first.”

William Ip
28th June 2001

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