Lineated Barbet feeding chick

“Recently there has been a Lineated Barbet (Megalaima lineata) nesting at Dempsey Hill area. I was fortunate enough to be informed about it, and managed to take some photos and videos of the parents and chick prior to fledging.

“I thought you’ll be interested in seeing the video of the feeding, with various fruits and insects being offered to the chick. The usual barbet parent’s behavior of removing the chick’s waste material was also filmed, as well as the co-operation between the parents in passing food to each other to feed the chick. All in all, nothing new but video does add a different dimension to our usual observation and photos.”

Francis Yap
April 2011

Note: You can enjoy full screen viewing by clicking the logo at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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  1. Lucy Davis

    I believe I have seen a lineated barbet in Portsdown/Wessex this month. It keeps visiting my garden.

  2. Birding khao Yai

    Nice video! I have a nest in my garden, here in Thailand. I have some nice shots of a Lineated Barbet offering a big mantis to its young.

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