Encounter with an injured Ruddy Kingfisher

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Erik Mobrand was walking along Philip Street in downtown Singapore on afternoon of 11th April 2011 when he encountered an injured Ruddy Kingfisher (Halcyon coromanda) standing outside an office building.

According to Erik, “Its left leg was apparently injured and perhaps it was stunned, as it was hardly moving. The security guards and passersby were watching the scared little guy.

“I called the Nature Society to ask for the number of an agency or shelter that might help out. I passed along the contact information at the security post and I do hope someone followed up. I don’t know the end of this story… but I hope it is a happy one.

“I wonder how an individual of this uncommon species ended up around Raffles Place in the first place.”

Erik Mobrand
April 2011


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  1. Tou Jing Yi

    Dear Erik,

    This is not much of a mystery as the “major” race of the Ruddy Kingfisher is a passage migrant in this region and would always should up at odd places during migration and some did not survive the migration, it was found dead in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur before along with the also passage migratory Black-backed Kingfisher (aka Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher) there, because kingfishers were nocturnal migrants, they could easily crash into buildings.

    Recently my friend photographed one of these high up on Fraser’s hill, marking probably the first positive record there. Hopfully it was only stunned but not injured, recently a Blue-eared Kingfisher crash landed in our university and did not survive the crash after a few days due to a serious wing injury. Thanks.


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