Javan Mynas in “gangster” fight – on video

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“Gangster fight amongst Javan Mynas (Acridotheres javanicus), as I call it, is a common sight even to the casual observers. For no rhyme or reason, or perhaps I am not observant enough, they get into fights suddenly and after a while, end the fights just as abruptly.

“On the 10th February evening, I witnessed another one of these fights when there was a commotion amidst the quarreling and shouting, in Javan Myna language, at the side of a road in my condominium. Two pairs of mynas were seen going at one another. Actions were fast and furious. As the two opposing teams did not wear identification jerseys, they were difficult to differentiate. They jumped into midair, flapping the wings at the same time to gain height and lurched at one another.

“Soon, in the heat of the fight, all of them ended up in the drain at the side of the road, out of sight for a brief moment. The apparently winning team then reappeared on the curb. One of them then made a victory speech, with the partner going into the drain again out of sight. The losing team beat a hasty retreat and the winners came up to the curb again. After a short while, both bobbed their heads almost in unison, and then turned heads to the right. And peace returned.”

Sun Chong Hong
16th March 2011


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