Olive-backed Sunbird displaying pectoral tufts in the drizzle

Ruici Ong sent in images of the Olive-backed Sunbird (Cinnyris jugularis) taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens on 13th March 2011 with the following note:

“While sheltering from the rain at the Singapore Botanical Gardens, I managed to catch sight of a male Olive-Backed Sunbird enjoying the light shower. As he fluffed and preened, I was quite delighted to see that his bright orange lapels were showing.

“I have read about and seen photos of male olive-backs displaying to the ladies, but have never seen these orange tufts in person! It was a pleasant surprise, and I’m glad that I managed to document the experience.”

Earlier posts on the orange pectoral tufts can be viewed HERE and HERE.

Ruici Ong
March 2011


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  1. Pretty tiny birds they are. The ones I have in my garden seem to be very attracted to their own reflection. They often visit the mirrors of my motorbike and occasionally even come inside to hang around the glass of one of the closets.
    This time of year they seem to be more abundant.

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  3. […] “Note the beautiful yellow-orange pectoral tuft usually concealed. See also HERE” […]


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