Pink-necked Green Pigeon – call

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“The calls of the male Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) are easy to hear but not easy to document as they are low pitched and of low volume.

“I have attached two calls made by a male… HERE. Calls have been slightly amplified. The first call is partially masked by a magpie robin and starling calls but the second call in the recording is clearer.

“Although the calls have been described in a variety of ways in many references, not always complementary in description. I have always found them to be musical.

“MWF Tweedie (Common Birds of the Malay Peninsula, 1970) describes them as ‘a curious bubbling, whistling sound…’ GC Madoc (An Introduction to Malayan Birds, 1956) says that ‘the usual call is a gurgling or bubbling coo-coo, …’

“It is not an easy call to describe. Starts slow and builds up. Low intensity but carries far. Quite musical. Almost a chuckle and a coo mixed together.”

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Canning Garden Home, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
30th December 2010

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