Straw-headed Bulbul duetting

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“Here’s a video and picture of a pair of Straw-headed Bulbuls (Pycnonotus zeylanicus) engaged in a rhythmic and melodious duet. The repeated song in this clip is short unlike other longer melodious calls usually heard. Perhaps those are for attracting attention, while this one is a song for each other – the birds are obviously quite comfortable on their perch, one bird is busy preening itself, breaking the routine periodically to join the other in song. This went on for a few minutes; the birds flew off only when I started moving closer, hoping for a better capture.”

Lena Chow
6th March 2011


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  1. Lee Chiu San

    Very nice recording. The birds need not necessarily be a pair. In aviculture, male straw-headed bulbuls frequently sing choruses when kept communally. If introduced into an aviary all at the same time, even groups of males settle down and become quite sociable. However, they are extremely aggressive towards newcomers of either sex.

  2. Lovely recording Lena. Fast disappearing birds and one of our best songsters.

  3. Thanks Chiu San & Amar. I now also see that the melodious calls, that are more often heard than seen, could actually be a duet. I had previously assumed such was a complex melodious call from one bird.


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