Call of the male White-rumped Shama

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“This White-rumped Shama (Copsychus malabaricus mallopercnus) is constantly trapped locally to be caged as a song bird (despite legal restrictions). So I am delighted that it has been able to slowly multiply at this site. From one pair that I usually see at this site (2-3 km trail through primary jungle), in 3 years there are at least 3 adults, hopefully 3 pairs.

“Not easy to spot as they stay in the bamboo thickets and prefer the vicinity of small streams – possibly what is keeping it un-caged. There are concerns as nearby is a local village where quite a few persons keep caged birds.

“The song of the male is attached: HERE. Loves to respond if I mimic its call.”

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia, 6th April 2010

Image by Sun Chong Hong.

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