Courtship feeding in Coppersmith Barbet

Samson Tan documented a pair of Coppersmith Barbets (Megalaima haemacephala) indulging in courtship feeding. The images show the sequence of the feeding from left to right.

The sexes of these birds cannot be differentiated from their physical appearance. So with courtship feeding it is assumed that the bird that offers the food is the male.

Note that the assumed male has two fruits in his bill. After the first fruit has been passed on to the female, he will be ready to offer the second fruit. Maybe there would be a third? In earlier cases … courtship feeding usually comes before copulation or even during…

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  1. Khao Yai Tours

    Last week I have seen similar behavior only between a couple of Moustached Barbets in Khao Yai national park. A big grasshopper was the unlucky present.

  2. Tou Jing Yi

    I had just managed to watch their copulation at my garden days ago, the pair is copulating with male mouthfull, the male hop down after around 10 seconds of copulation where the male flaps frequently above the female. The male landed next to the female and seemed to look towards the female but female not responding, the male will soon hop up and copulates again. The copulation lasted 3 times while I was observing until the last time, the female turned over to accept the food offered and the male flew off, persumed into the nest hole for its “construction” job, I was unable to locate where it flew to anyway due to many obstructions from my view point.

  3. Aman

    I rescued a Juvenile Coppersmith Barbet, and actually i wanted to know how can i feed him and what would be easier to feed according to availability. M from India :)Please Reply for necessary information for its feeding !

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