A male and a female albino Red Junglefowl?

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Ron Yeo came across a white rooster accompanied by a white hen in October 2010 along Singapore’s Sungei Api Api (left). The pair looked like a male and a female albino Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus).

The image was sent to R Subaraj who replied: “Very worrying. I don’t know what to think….a white male to add to the white female! Sounds highly suspicious. These may be released genetic hybrids! I cannot be certain!”

Red Junglefowls have been commonly seen around Singapore recently… in rural as well as urban areas. To encounter one albino junglefowl is not an everyday affair. To see a male and a female albino together… well…

Any comments from readers?

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  1. Ragoo Rao

    They appear to be White Leghorn Cock & Hen to me. My opinion. Albinism in any colored animal is frequent, but to get a pair…that’s what Intrigues me.

  2. Tou Jing Yi

    small populations may encourage close relative inbreeding that ends up with higher frequency of albinoism in many creatures….

  3. Lee Chiu San

    I had mentioned in an earlier post that there is a strong possibility that these birds could be hybrids with domestic fowl.

  4. jungle fowl

    There can be white jungle fowl. But there is onw website the specializes in such. From what is saw, the parents are red jungle fowl. The ratio of this color that will come out is 8:1 and the rest will be red colored. Pureness can be determined but there is some native chickens in the area where the red jungle fowl is roaming around there is one thing for sure, it will come out.

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