An albino Red Junglefowl

Lena Chow was at Singapore’s Pasir Ris Park on the afternoon of 20th January 2011 when she saw a family of Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus) that included an albino female. The male and the nearby female with chick were clearly comfortable with the albino. However, Lena commented, “I’m just told that albinos have red eyes. Since the bird in my picture seems to have normal coloured eyes, it’s probably leucistic.”

When shown the image and video, R Subaraj wrote: “Very interesting! Looks plausible. Seems to have the typical fan tail of female junglefowl, and appears to have a facial wattle. It also seems to have the pinkish eyes of an albino. I can’t be certain though. The male looks authentic enough. Pasir Ris has certainly become a stronghold of the Red Junglefowl.”

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  1. Ton Smits

    That’s a great sighting. We see the Red Junglefowl often in Khao Yai national park in Thailand on our tours, but never seen an albino (leucistic) individual. As I’m very curious where our ‘food’ originally comes from, I’m always excited to see these on a tour. Though, for some of our guests it seems to be hard to get enthusiastic about something that looks so similar to what they see at home. Even some bird watchers…!
    Luckily there are enough people who appreciate it.

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