An Oriental Honey-buzzard entangled in a tree

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On the evening of 21st January 2011, Richard Lim was at Pasir Ris, Singapore when he noticed an Oriental Honey-buzzard (Pernis ptilorhyncus) moving from tree to tree. The raptor was flying from the lower branch of a tree to another when it suddenly flew smack into some branches and got its wings entangled. It was badly stuck among the branches and faced the possibility of losing some feathers, if not damaging a wing. It stayed stuck for about 3 minutes, when, with a violent shake, managed to get loose.

“Wondered why it was flying so low in the first place,” wrote Richard.


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  1. Margie Hall

    I think that Oriental Honey Buzzards are looking for bee hives when they fly around the branches of trees. I have observed this on occasion and been amazed at how low such a big bird will fly in order to get in under overhanging branches and to get a good look at every bit of a tree. I am not surprised at the occasional mishap, but glad this bird got away okay. I have often wondered how many bee larvae they need per day to sustain them and how many Oriental Honey Buzzards can be supported by the bee population of Singapore.


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