Red Junglefowl: adult male, female, chick and call

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“There are a number of Red Junglefowl (Gallus gallus gallus) in the city where secondary forest and sufficient open space still exists. I have trying to get pictures of this particular male and his harem but he is very evasive (above left).

“…Managed to record a number of calls of this male (attached, part of call mixed with kingfisher call). Sound just like a domesticated fowl but I am sure this is a wild one: HERE.

“There is some admixture of the wild and domesticated Red Junglefowl at this location as it is next to a village engulfed by the city. I often see wild females and occasionally males feeding with domesticated, although the wild ones are hard to approach.

“This adult female and chick look pretty close to the wild ones (above right). They were at the fringe of the domesticated group, were more varied. The marking were close to the wild ones. Possibly a mild admixture with domesticated. The chick is not like the domesticated.”

Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
11th December 2010


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  1. barbara

    It’s interesting to me how much these are like the chickens we raise in the United States for eggs and food. I don’t think they’re ever wild here.

    • Tou Jing Yi

      yes, barbara, the wild form of those chickens (Red Junglefowl) were only native in mainly southern China, Indian subcontinent and South-east Asia. However, in many parts of its native range, it had gone through some degree of the domesticated forms due to the free range keeping method that was widely used in many rural and suburban areas of its distribution area.

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