A Blue-tailed Bee-eater lost its way due to the thick haze

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On the night of 22nd October 2010, a migratory Blue-tailed Bee-eater (Merops philippinus) ended up in a ship at anchorage near Bedok, Singapore. It found comfort in a small potted plant placed on top of a TV set (above). There it rested. The bird probably got disorientated by the thick haze from forest fires in Indonesia, the worst in four years.

According to Opel Mok, the bee-eater looked a little dazed and allowed itself to be handled (left). But it was not injured.

Blue-tailed bee-eaters are common passage migrants and winter visitors to Singapore. They arrive in great numbers towards the end of September.

Opel Mok
October 2010

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  1. Tou Jing Yi

    They may be merely exhausted, and is fed and recovered, should be able to continue on their journey.

  2. John Lee

    I found a Blue Tailed Bee Eater by the roadside near my place yesterday evening. It couldn’t fly and was a bit confused. So I put a towel over it and took it home. Attempts to contact the wildlife dept. and the vets have failed as it is the weekend. I have caught some bees, flies for it but it is not feeding. I have even given it some small live frys but it doesn’t seem to be wanting to eat or drink. Concern that it may have a bad wing fracture or possibly concussed and there was a heavy rain prior to me finding it. Could anyone advise?

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