Blog Action Day – The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

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The Bird Ecology Study Group associates water with wetlands. In Singapore, when you mention wetland, you automatically think of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. This is where nature lovers, especially birdwatchers, visit to view not only migratory birds but also the mangrove flora and fauna. This is the only wetland reserve we have, saved from development in 1989 through “The Power of Persuasion” (Francesch-Huidobro, 2008) by the Nature Society (Singapore) (Wee & Hale, 2008). The main image in the montage below shows the mangrove boardwalk at the reserve. The smaller images above and below the main image are birds that were photographed at the reserve, accounts of which have been posted in this website.

YC Wee
October 2010

Francesch-Huidobro, M., 2008. Governance, Politics and the Environment: A Singapore Study. ISEA, Singapore.
2. Wee, Y.C. & R. Hale, 2008. The Nature Society (Singapore) and the struggle to conserve Singapore’s nature areas. Nature in Singapore 1: 41-49.

Photo by Dr Chua Ee Kiam.

  1. William

    The number of birds visiting Sungei Buloh has been reducing since early 2000. I did not see any migration birds there when I visited the wetland reserve on this Tuesday morning.

    It may be caused by the

    1. The dogs in the wetland park:

    2.The crow mobbing the eagle :

    I hope the beautiful bird are remain there:



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