Long-tailed Parakeet eating fruits of yellow simpoh

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Mike Tan a.k.a. woof photographed the very common Long-tailed Parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) feasting on the young developing fruits of the yellow simpoh (Dillenia suffruticosa) (above). The image on the left shows the parakeet landing on the plant with its left foot touching one of the two rounded, fruiting ‘buds’. The structures next to the yellow flowers are flowering buds. The image on the right shows the parakeet taking a large bite from the fruiting ‘bud’. Note that these ‘buds’ are tinged red and larger than the fully green flower buds.

The yellow simpoh is a common shrub of waste grounds with attractive large, yellow flowers. After pollination, the flower sheds its petals and the developing fruit becomes enveloped by the sepals, appearing like a rounded flower bud. Once the fruit ripens, the ‘bud’ as well as the fruit split open to expose the red seeds.

A flock of Long-tailed Parakeets resides near Mike’s office, co-existing harmoniously with the Red-breasted Parakeets (Psittacula alexandri). The red-breasted are also known to eat these developing fruits. An earlier post has documented the Long-tailed Parakeet eating the flower buds as well as the young developing fruits.

This post is a cooperative effort between NaturePixels.org and BESG to bring the study of bird behaviour through photography to a wider audience.

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