Long-tailed Sibia feeding on moths

KC Tsang’s video shows two separate feeding, the first, a Long-tailed Sibia (Heterophasia picaoides) attempting to feed on what looks like a dead moth. The sibia fails to swallow the moth as its wings are apparently in the way. It tries hard to remove the wings by pecking on them without success. It flies to another location, holding on to a wing in its bill and dropping the moth onto the surface a few times without success. Finally it lands on a grassy patch where it uses its foot to hold the dead moth against the ground in an effort to detach one set of wings. It fails to remove the wings and flies off the video’s reach.

The second feeding shows another Long-tailed Sibia tackling an orange moth with wings outstretched. The sibia holds on to the base of a wing, flying from one perch to another. It eventually holds the moth against the perch with a foot and pecks on the abdomen, taking bits of flesh and sending numerous scales scattering in the breeze. Note the feathery pair of antennae that characterises a moth. One pair of wings is finally detached and the sibia targets the remaining pair without success. Further feeding on the abdomen causes it to lose hold of what is left of the moth but it manages to get it back.

Note: Images are screen grabs. From left to right, first two shows first feeding, last two show second feeding.

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