Bird Ecology Study Group links up with GreenAnswers

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The Bird Ecology Study Group has linked up with to promote online environmental education through open debate and discussion. With our wide experience in bird ecology and behaviour, we will be answering questions on this topic.

GreenAnswers is a user-generated question and answer site dedicated to environmental issues. A powerful tool for promoting environmental education, it has to date over 60,000 questions asked and answered.

BESG has a guest article Bird Ecology Study Group Brings Scientific Approach to Birdwatching in Singapore published on the site. This is to make the GreenAnswers community aware of our work so that members can know what questions to direct at us.

BESG members are welcome to log in to the site and direct questions on a wide range of environmental issues for its panel of resource members to answer.

YC Wee
October 2010

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