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Thanks to Jacqueline Lau, the Bird Ecology Study Group has a new-look website. For the last few days she has been hard at work updating the site to give it a modern face. The upgrading is now completed. Should there be any bugs that need to be fixed, do let us know. We also welcome suggestions for new features and contents.

The blog now makes use of the newest version of WordPress. And a new theme makes it more compatible with the newer browser versions and mobile platforms.

The BESG is constantly striving to improve itself in order to serve viewers better. We started simple five years ago. In fact the old site is still around. Though dormant, it is still attracting around 200-300 visitors per week.

In 2007 the website made its first upgrade using the WordPress format. Now three years later, we have upgraded the site to meet the challenges of the new decade. To remain dynamic, we strive not to stagnate, either in layout aesthetics or quality of contents.

In line with our efforts to improve our activities, we have added a sister site in The Birds of Singapore. Even though this site is still growing, viewers will still find it useful to visit occasionally – to check on the checklists and the growing number of bird species with their updated information on behaviour and new images.

This sister site owes its existence to the initiative and foresight of Slim Sreedharan. Slim has been working hard constructing the site and is currently still at work adding on to the contents.

We wish to thank Jacqualine Lau and Slim Sreedharan for hosting the BESG and The Birds of Singapore websites respectively.

YC Wee
October 2010

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  1. John Lynn

    Kudos to this wonderful development. May it continue to enrich the growing appreciation of our natural wealth and preserve it for generations to come

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