Paddyfield Pipit sand bathing and in moult

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“Another series of observation on a Paddyfield Pipit (Anthus rufulus malayensis) having a dust/sand bath to clean the feathers of mites/bugs. Was very persistent and I managed to watch from the car as a hide.

“[The image above] shows composite of the behaviour. Rather vigorous and would lean forward to allow the breast to be dealt with. …Note the feathers of the tail (left). Usually the outer feathers are pure white but not as noticeable as this (best seen in flight). Here the one on the left is brown and on the right white except for the spine. Possible moulting.

“My previous post on sand bath HERE.”
Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS
Ipoh City, Perak, Malaysia
27th August 2010


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  1. Beautiful collection of behavior shots of the Pipit having a dust bath. Probably this helps in parasite control on their bodies a lot. Pipits even love to tahe water-baths also, even in a small rain puddle and they take a bath around mid-day precisely.I’ve observed and taken pictures of this behavior.

  2. […] the bird. Such activities include preening, oiling, head scratching and bathing in water, leaf and sand. These are specifically maintenance activities to keep the feathers in top […]

  3. […] using water to keep their feathers in top form, birds also use sand as in sand bathing, see HERE. They also make use of ants as they release formic acid that has an effect on the parasites […]


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