Another myna fight…

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“I was enjoying my afternoon when the silence was abruptly broken by incessant loud angry chirpings coming from the front door.

“I went to investigate and found two mynas had somehow flown to the common corridor (HBD flat, 11th storey) and were engaged in a fierce battle.

“There seemed to be no end in sight so I started to record the fight with my handphone.

“There was a lot of wrestling, locked beaks, fluttering wings and at one point, one of the birds pinned the other to the ground by standing on its wings.

“A third bird came and joined in the fight as well. But the newcomer was an unfair fighter who preferred to sneak in pecks from the sideline.

“My uncle decided to go break up the fight after seeing that the lone bird who was trying to fend against the two others was tiring out.

“What’s funny is that there was no food in sight, so what could have possible caused the aggression? Love triangle?”

14th September 2010

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  1. Ragoo Rao

    Mynas are very quarrelsome. They quarrel often over perching order, food,and sometimes maybe they just like to have a tussle.Needs more study and documentation for reasons.

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